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   Hilltop Farm is located in Holt, MO.  The facility was built in 1997 and consists of a fourteen stall barn, indoor riding arena, outdoor riding arena, a round pen, six turn-out lots, and two large pastures. 

Hilltop Farm Boarding Stable

   Our facility was built with your horse's comfort  and safety in mind.  Each stall features rubber mats for cushioning as well as overhead fans to help cool your horse in the hot summer heat.  The indoor arena is highly maintained to give your horse comfortable footing. Additionally, our front gates are locked nightly to protect your horse, trailers and tack. 


Fourteen 12' X 12' Preifert built stalls with rubber mats
Secured Tack Room.
Wash Rack
Cement Walkways with Rubber matting to give added
traction for horses with shoes.
Overhead fans in every stall.
Fly and Pest control system.


108' X 80'
Deep, soft footing
Tall ceilings
Poles and Jump Standards available for use at no charge
Regular watering and maintenance to prevent dust.


120' X 80'
Deep, soft footing
Poles, Barrels, and Jump Standards available for use at no
Gate access at each end of the arena. 


Our large 12' X 12' Preifert Stalls are designed with your horse's comfort in mind.

Rubber matts line the stall floor for added cushioning. 
Daily stall cleaning with quality bedding.
Overhead fans provide a cool breeze during the summer. 
AM & PM Feeding. Supplements will be
fed at the owner's expense


Horses in turn-out paddocks enjoy ample room to exercise.

Shelter in each turn-out for inclement weather.
Free choice hay
Automatic waterers
AM & PM Feeding. Supplements will be
  fed at the owner's expense. 


Five lots, each measuring 100' X 125'
Steel fence turnouts for stalled horses
Automatic waterers


With 30 acres of land, we are able to offer two large pastures for boarding.  Pasture horses are checked daily and receive free choice hay as needed.